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We bring samples to your home, office or business so you can pick out your flooring, molding, paint and more in the comfort of your own place.

 At V AND V RENOVATIONS we care about your project ideas.


At V AND V RENOVATIONS, we provide high quality options designed to enhance your home or corporate image as well as an exceptional service package to suit your exact needs. Don’t waste your time driving store by store, we will take all the samples at the comfort of your home, office or business.

V AND V RENOVATIONS is a family owned and operated business. Domingo has been a professional flooring installer for over 20 years and started working with his uncle at a very young age doing commercial and home remodeling projects. Experience on the field and our focus on Customer Service, like prompt estimates, great products and installations warranties, clean work site, certified installers and specially the attention after the installation, is what sets us apart from other flooring and/or renovations companies.  Maribel contributes in the business administration from her previous experience as a business owner.

We pride ourselves in building strong relationships with our customers. It is our goal of V AND V RENOVATIONS to complete every job above expectation, by providing excellent quality and service from start to finish. If you're not completely happy, we'll work with you until you're 100% satisfied.